CMG imPACt 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana

November 6 – 9, 2017

at the Loews New Orleans Hotel

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CMG imPACt 2017 will be presented in New Orleans, Louisiana November 6 – 9, 2017 at the Loews New Orleans Hotel

Some exciting changes are in the works for imPACt 2017 including:

  • Modernized content delivery
  • Updated pricing
  • Varying types of educational material
  • New community opportunities
  • Enhanced vendor partner involvement

imPACt 2017 will still provide all the educational content of the highest quality CMG has always offered….just differently!


Steve Clark
General Chair
imPACt 2017


2017 Speakers include…

Ed Hunter

Ed Hunter

Engineering Leader, Netflix




About Ed

Ed Hunter leads the Performance and Operating Systems group for the streaming service at Netflix. His team is responsible for helping tune, configure and benchmarks the elements that comprise the Netflix streaming control panel. Prior to Netflix he was a director of software at Juniper Networks where his group provided OS and virtualization infrastructure support for Juniper products. Before Juniper he was at Sun Microsystems, where he was chief of staff to the CTO of Sun in addition to running advanced development efforts around new storage architectures and data center cooling.

2017 Presentation

Building and Rebuilding a Data Center Every Day


Netflix streaming service serves over 100m customers around the world. The demand for streaming is not constant, rising and falling throughout the day. Rather than maintain constant capacity for peak demand we deploy and retire enough virtual machines to build a small data center every 24-48 hours. This talk will reveal some of the logistics around managing large capacity in a dynamically changing environment including some of the tools we use for deployment, monitoring and performance tuning of our service. Ed Hunter is the manager of the Performance and Operating Systems group for the streaming service at Netflix. His team helps the owners of the applications which comprise Netflix tune and configure their service for maximum efficiency at reasonable cost. Prior to Netflix he spent time as a director of software at Juniper Networks and Sun Microsystems.


Daniel Menasce, PhD

Daniel Menasce, PhD

Professor of Computer Science, George Mason University




About Daniel

Dr. Daniel Menasce is a University Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University, where he was Senior Associate Dean of the School of Engineering from 2005 to 2012. He received a PhD in CS from UCLA in 1978. Menasce is a Fellow of the ACM, a Fellow of the IEEE, the recipient of the 2001 A.A. Michelson award from CMG, and a recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia. He published over 250 papers and 5 books on various aspects of performance evaluation and autonomic computing. 

2017 Presentation

Performance Evaluation of Heterogeneous Multi-Queues with Job Replication

A system composed of n heterogenous servers receives jobs to be processed. A front-end dispatcher submits d (d < n) copies of each job to the queue of each of the d chosen servers. The copy that completes first causes the cancellation of each of the other d-1 copies, which can be executing or in the queue for a server. Jobs are considered to belong to different classes. This paper evaluates job execution time statistics as a function of (1) the average job arrival rate from a Poisson process, (2) the distribution of job service times for each class, (3) the processing capacity of each server, (4) the job replication policy.


Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner

Software Geek and Salsa Dancer




About Andreas

Andreas has been working in software quality for the past 15 years helping companies from small startup to large enterprise figuring out why their current application falls short on quality and how to prevent quality issues for future development. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, meetups & user groups. He has done DevOps Boston, Velocity Santa Clara, Agile Testing Days, Star West or STPCon in the recent years. Besides being excited about software quality he is also an enthusiastic salsa dancer.


Rebecca Clinard

Rebecca Clinard

Performance Engineering Architect, BlazeMeter




About Rebecca

I have been active in the web application performance industry for 17+ years. Over the years, I’ve used a variety of performance/load and monitoring tools. I’ve also created several performance engineering harnesses in across a number of different industries. I’ve held positions at enterprise load tool companies as sales engineer, professional services, blogger and technical evangelist.  I enjoy taking very technical information and evangelizing the content using easier analogies. I’ve published a variety of blogs ranging from performance engineering best practices to tips/tricks. All my content is derived from hands-on experience.



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Loews New Orleans Hotel

Loews New Orleans Hotel

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