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Since ancient times we have heard the phrase “you do not ever test in production.” That phrase, at a point, was reasonably accurate for all QA endeavors, especially for performance testing.


This taboo came partly from the misconception that performance testing meant loading and determining the system’s limits by bringing it down with load tests.


But that was the past. We are now in the modern age of CI/CD, service-oriented applications, the ever-expandable cloud, spread applications with microservices, and much more. Performance testing is also evolving with these modern changes, just trying to push the system to its limits is challenging, weird, and at times pointless.


In this talk, Leandro will flip the establishment. He will explain why the traditional methods may not be so suitable anymore. And in the talk, you will find several recommendations to embrace these types of tests in your precious production environments. The recommendations will be as mindblowing as load testing in production and even reaching the realms of manual load tests—staggering and eye-popping information delivered as usual with fun analogies and fantastic stories.

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