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Speak at IMPACT24

Speak at IMPACT24

For over 45 years, CMG has been, and continues to be, the source for vendor-agnostic expert advice and information for IT professionals dedicated to managing the enterprise’s hardware, software, infrastructure, and computing systems across the enterprise.

CMG is now accepting session proposals for our 2024 IMPACT conference, an in-person conference opportunity.

We’re looking for 30 to 40-minute sessions on these key topics to be submitted by November 24th and our preference is towards use-case presentations. Companies or individuals may be anonymized for use at IMPACT.

Priority Topics

  • Cloud
  • Platform Engineering / Containers
  • Risk Management
  • AIOps
  • Performance and Capacity
  • Engineering/DevOps/CICD
  • Modernization
  • AI/ML
  • Security and Observability
  • Edge Computing