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Technology can only be an enabler for the flow of business value within an organization, and it can never create value by itself. People are the true value creators. In this hyper-dynamic world where every enterprise is facing challenges with talent attraction and retention, speed to value, and impediments to transformation, it is crucial for leaders to take a step back and rethink/reimagine how we transform. Nurturing a culture of empathy and innovation is essential and this session provides a powerful framework to help organizational leaders achieve their strategic and business outcomes.

The last few years have put enormous stress on organizational leaders and almost every strategy has to be rethought and reimagined in this hyperdynamic world. COVID-19, WFH, hybrid work, a war for talent, the great resignation/introspection, drifting relationships, and onboarding remote employees, to name a few. Keeping a remote workforce motivated and happy while creating a psychologically safe environment that fosters innovation, actualization, and advancement is an ongoing challenge. In this session, Award-winning author Dr. Gautham Pallapa explains:- Why an organizational culture must be rooted in empathy and psychological safety- How Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies enable us to become more human-centric and empathic- How to become an empathic leader and create impactful value streams. He then presents a powerful framework that uses Lean, Agile, and DevOps methodologies to create and nurture an empathic organizational culture. Dr. Pallapa also provides actionable steps to embark on an enterprise transformation.

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