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SMT Data is a privately held company founded in 1990. It employs 25 highly skilled specialists in software development, professional services and sales. The company’s headquarters are located in Holte, 15 km north of Copenhagen, and it has a growing network of partners across Europe.

SMT Data’s IT Business Intelligence (ITBI™) solution delivers transparency into the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities.

This transparency allows the customers to optimize their IT infrastructure, operations, finances, and application development, resulting in significant cost savings and better alignment with business needs.The ITBI™ solution consists of software and services developed and delivered by a world class team. The software products developed by SMT Data gather enormous amounts of data about the customer’s IT operations and map these to business activities using analysis and reporting tools on top of a data warehouse. SMT Data also provides services to help customers integrate the ITBI™ solution into their environment, and assists customers in realizing the benefits of ITBI™ in their organization.