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IMPACT 2024 Speaker

Scale in Clouds. What, How, Where, Why and When to Scale

Presentation includes the following discussion themes. 
– What to scale: servers, databases, containers, load balancers.
– How to scale: horizontally/rightsizing, vertically, manually, automatically, ML based, predictive, serverless.
– Where to scale: AWS (ASG,ECS, EKS, ELB), AZURE, GCP, K8s.
– Why to scale: cost optimization, incidents avoidance, seasonality.
– When to scale:  auto-scaling policies and parameters, pre-warming to fight  latency, correlating with business/app drivers.

Presentation includes a user case study of scaling parameters optimization: monitoring, modeling and balancing vertical and horizontal scaling, calculating optimal initial/desired cluster size and more.


Presented by

Igor Trubin, Lead Data Engineer, Capital One

Igor Trubin has started in 1979 as an IBM/370 system engineer. In 1986 he got his Robotics at St. Petersburg Technical University (Russia) and then worked as a professor teaching CAD/CAM, Robotics for about 12 years. He published 30papers and made several presentations for conferences related to the Robotics and Artificial Intelligent fields. In 1999 he moved to the US and worked at Capital One bank as a Capacity Planner. His first paper was written and presented in 2001. The next one, “Exception Detection System Based on MASF Technique” won a Best Paper award at CMG 2002 and was presented at UKCMG 2003 in Oxford, England. He made other tech. presentations at IBM z/Series Expo, Southern, Central Europe CMG and ICPE/WOSP-C 2020 in Canada. and ran several workshops covering his original method of Anomaly and Change Point Detection ( He is an author of the online class “Performance Anomaly Detection”. After working more than 2 years as the Capacity team lead for IBM, he had worked for SunTrust Bank for 3 years and then at IBM for 2+ years as Sr. IT Architect. Now he works for Capital One bank as IT Manager at the Cloud Engineering department and since 2015 he is a member of Board of Directors. He runs his tech blog at and YouTube channel

Jignesh Shah, Sr. IT Manager, Capital One