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IMPACT 2024 Speaker

Structuring the Frontier: Generative and Industrial AI Unveiled

Join ISG’s Chief Strategy Officer – Prashant Kelker – for a straightforward look at the latest advancements in Generative and Industrial AI. This session, based on a recent research study of over 50 enterprises and technology platforms, will deliver key insights into successful applications and evolving practices in the field. We’ll also discuss emerging architectures and governance patterns in this emerging technology area. 

Gain a clear, focused insight into the present status and future possibilities of Generative and Industrial AI, with access to practical strategies and information sourced directly from recent research and application.


Presented by

Prashant Kelker, Chief Strategy Officer, Information Services Group (ISG)

Prashant Kelker is the Chief Strategy Officer and the head of Americas at Information Services Group (ISG), a NASDAQ (III) listed research and sourcing advisory firm. 

Guiding an influential sourcing practice, Prashant oversees the advisory on more than $20bn in Digital & Technology expenditures each year by the Global 2000. His helm at ISG for over a decade has channeled the firm’s expertise toward aiding over 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, counseling on an impressive cumulative spend of approximately $450bn. Prashant’s focus traverses beyond mere strategy creation, reaching into detailed implementation and the strategic sourcing of technology platforms and services.

Within ISG’s Executive Board, Prashant crafts and mobilizes strategic initiatives of ISG – enhancing growth and fortifying ISG’s standing in the marketplace. Beyond the confines of ISG, his acumen is recognized and sought after on global stages, including numerous events and conferences where he shares insights on digital transformation and technology sourcing.

With extensive industry knowledge derived from a wealth of experience working with a myriad of clients, service providers, and in advisory capacities, Prashant has spearheaded transformative sourcing initiatives. These range from Autonomous Driving programs for numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to devising enterprise-grade Digital Thread programs for F50 Manufacturing firms. His international career is both comprehensive and impactful, involving the formulation and leadership of ISG’s European practice for Digital Consulting and Sourcing, and managing Accenture’s Big Deal team for Applications Sourcing across a diverse array of industries in Europe.

Prashant Kelker continues to sculpt digital transformations for the F500, adeptly harnessing emerging technologies and strategically harmonizing them with corporate objectives. His career, seamlessly marrying strategy, leadership, and innovative sourcing, persists in shaping the digital narrative, reflecting a commitment to not just envisioning the future, but actively building and executing it with partnerships.