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IMPACT 2024 Speaker

The future of AIOps on mainframe - data discovery, ServiceNow, and ChatOps

While ServiceNow has a comprehensive and robust ecosystem for distributed data/components, there are still many challenges for organizations trying to marry IBM Z and ServiceNow. Enterprises infrastructure teams need the ability to discover and map IBM Z resources into ServiceNow to unlock better incident remediation, better visibility across teams, and reduced mean time to repair. In this session you will learn how IBM Z Discovery for ServiceNow CMDB works and why “ChatOps” is becoming so pervasive for AIOps. We’ll discuss how ChatOps can be used for incident management in reducing the mean time to resolution, and why it can be a useful practice for Z shops wanting to leverage ServiceNow as a central source of truth tied to events stemming from mainframe.


Presented by

Andrew Bowker, Product Manager, IBM

Andrew is a Product Manager in the IBM Z AIOps portfolio where he has driven the development and adoption of key optimization, storage, and discovery products. At work, he enjoys helping customer’s optimize their infrastructure environments. On the weekends, you can find Andrew exploring parks, museums, and the local food scene.